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Hidalgo County Property Tax Increase

To protest, visit and click the "On-Line Protest" button in upper left. On next page, click Register New User button along bottom. After creating account, you will receive an email. Click the link in email to activate your account and login to file protest. You will need your OwnerID and PIN from the top portion of your Hidalgo County Tax Statement.

McAllen School Bond Issue Rejected by Citizens

The $300 million school district’s bond issue was rejected by 70% of the 9,300 citizens who voted.

Hidalgo Country Healthcare District Tax

Last November, a 75-cent tax to fund a county wide healthcare district was barely defeated. Hidalgo County residents are already taxed 59 cents (for every $100 of property valuation), the highest county tax rate in the state.

Congress Votes to Subsidize Their Obamacare Expenses

White House struck a deal with the U.S. Congress to continue subsidizing their health plans at taxpayer's expense. Before going on vacation, Congress voted to give themselves $5,000 (single coverage) or $11,000 (family coverage) toward Obamacare. Along with Congress, some big businesses and labor union have been granted waivers and exemptions.

Immigration Reform

In January 2013, a bi-partisan group of eight Senators announced principles for comprehensive immigration reform that included a citizenship path for illegal immigrants already in the United States. Each time Washington politicians have tried to passed it, citizens have mounted strong opposition.

Obama, NAACP, MALC Suing Texas Over Voter ID

The Obama Administration, National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) and the Mexican American Legislative Caucus (MALC) are suing to block a Texas requirement that voters show identification at the polls.

US Debt Clock


As of May 24, 2015: $18.2 trillion
Start of current administration: $10.6 trillion
Debt per citizen is 56,836.
Debt per taxpayer is $154,258.

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