Returns things in a hierarchy over successive calls.
(ie adam child john, john child johnny, john child suzzy, adam child mary, mary child timmy, mary child kelly, etc)

pSVO = F_getHier (pA)
Dir Type Par Description
in/out int** pA An array, where:
pA[0] = int*, Expression for tree root (ie adam).
pA[1] = int*, Expression for relator (ie child).
pA[2] = BOOL, Distinct_b, If TRUE, only returns unique relatives.
pA[3] = int, Size of pA.
pA[4] = int, index into array starting from pA[5]. Init to 0.
pA[5 - aSz] = path from root to descendants.
return int* pSVO Relation/path to descendant in hierarchy.
Equivalent to pA[5+pA[4]].


Example 110b

AStr_getStr, AStr_getNamed, F_getHier
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