Install/Test DBD DLL with C/C++

Steps to install and test the DBD DLL with Visual C++.
1. Download DLL appropriate for your OS and save in C:\Temp\Test directory.
2. Expand
3. Run Microsoft VC++
4. From menu File > New, select "Win32 Console Application" in Projects Tab.
Set Project name to "Test".
Set location to "C:\Temp\Test".
Click OK.
5. Select "A simple application" and click Finish.
6. Copy dbd.dll, dbd.lib and dbd.h into C:\Temp\Test
7. Update your Test.cpp to be similar (if not equivalent) to that shown below.
8. For Windows NT, 2000 and XP environments, from MS VC++'s menu > Project > Setting > C/C++ Tab > In 'Preprocessor definitions' text box, remove "_MBCS" add "UNICODE,_UNICODE" and click OK.
9. From menu > Project > Setting > Link Tab > In 'Object/library modules' text box, add " dbd.lib" and click OK.
10. In Workspace Window which list project files, in File View Tab, right-click 'Header Files' Folder select 'Add Files to Folder'. In dialog box, select dbd.h and click OK.
11. Build project.
12. Single-step (F10) thru code and verify error codes returned by functions are 0.
Single-step thru code three more times to execute all sections.
13. Exit VC++.
14. Verify data in C:\Temp\Test\Db1.dbd with dbd.exe
15. To uninstall, delete folder C:\Temp\Test
// Test.cpp : Defines the entry point for the console application.
#include "stdafx.h"
#include "dbd.h"
#include "stdio.h"

int main(int argc, char* argv[])
  int errCode = Db_FileSpec_set_r(_T("Db1.dbd"));

  if (!Db_File_exists_b()){
    // ****************************************
    // * This code is executed during 1st run *

    // Create db file
      errCode = Db_File_create_r(kDbSzDef_g);

    // Open db file
      errCode = Db_File_open_r();

    // Create gender
      Xp_process_r(_T("(new 'gender)"));

    // Create a person named john and set his gender to male
      Xp_process_r(_T("(new 'john 'person)"));
      Xp_process_r(_T("(set+ john gender 'male)"));

    // Create a person named mary and set her gender to female
      Xp_process_r(_T("(new 'mary 'person)"));
      Xp_process_r(_T("(set+ mary gender 'female)"));
    // Open db file
      errCode = Db_File_open_r();

    // If bob is missing in db
      int* pBob = AStr_getNamed(_T("bob"));
      if (!pBob){
        // *******************************************
        // * This is code is executed during 2nd run *

        // Create age
          Xp_process_r(_T("(new 'age)"));

        // Create a person named bob
        // Set his gender to male and age to 35
          Xp_process_r(_T("(new 'bob 'person)"));
          Xp_process_r(_T("(set+ bob gender 'male)"));
          Xp_process_r(_T("(set+ bob age '35)"));

        // Set john's age to 30 
          Xp_process_r(_T("(set+ john age '30)"));

        // Get all person that are male
        // Following prints john and bob
          int* pQry = Xp_compile(
            _T("(and (get person instance *) (get * gender male))"));
          while (int* pPersonX=Xp_execute(pQry)){
              TCHAR sName[kStrSz_g+1] = _T("");
              N_Name_get(pPersonX, sName, kStrSz_g);
              wprintf(_T("%s\n"), sName);
          int* pBuild = AStr_getNamed(_T("build"));
          if (!pBuild){
            // *******************************************
            // * This is code is executed during 3nd run *

            // Create body build 
              Xp_process_r(_T("(new 'build)"));

            // Set bob's build to tall
              Xp_process_r(_T("(set+ bob build 'tall)"));

            // Set mary's build to thin and petite
              Xp_process_r(_T("(set+ mary build 'thin)"));
              Xp_process_r(_T("(set+ mary build 'petite)"));
            int* pSue = AStr_getNamed(_T("sue"));
            if (!pSue){
              // *******************************************
              // * This is code is executed during 4th run *
              // It uses low-level methods

              // Create a person named sue
                pSue = N_create();
                int* pPerson = AStr_getNamed(_T("person"));
                N_SVO_set(pPerson, pInst_g, pSue);
                int* pStrSue = AStr_getStr(_T("sue"), TRUE);
                N_SVO_set(pSue, pName_g, pStrSue);

              // Set sue's gender to female
                int* pGender = AStr_getNamed(_T("gender"));
                int* pFemale = AStr_getNamed(_T("female"));
                N_SVO_set(pSue, pGender, pFemale);

              // Set sue's age to 21
                int* pAge = AStr_getNamed(_T("age"));
                int* pStr21 = AStr_getStr(_T("21"), TRUE);
                int* pAge21 = N_ClsInst_get(pAge, pStr21, TRUE);
                N_SVO_set(pSue, pAge, pAge21);

              // Set sue's build to fat and short
                N_EA_setV_wAStr(pSue, pBuild, _T("fat"));
                N_EA_setV_wAStr(pSue, pBuild, _T("short"));

              // Change john's age from 30 to 40
                int* pJohn = AStr_getNamed(_T("john"));
                int* pStr30 = AStr_getStr(_T("30"), TRUE);
                int* pAge30 = N_ClsInst_get(pAge, pStr30, TRUE);
                int* pStr40 = AStr_getStr(_T("40"), TRUE);
                int* pAge40 = N_ClsInst_get(pAge, pStr40, TRUE);
                N_SV_changeO(pJohn, pAge, pAge30, pAge40);

              // Delete mary's build is thin
                int* pMary = AStr_getNamed(_T("mary"));
                int* pThin = AStr_getNamed(_T("thin"));
                int* pSVO = N_SVO_get(pMary, pBuild, pThin);

  // * This is code is executed during all runs *
  // Print each person's attributes and values

  // During 1st run, prints:
  //   john gender male
  //   mary gender female
  // During 2nd run, prints:
  //   john gender male
  //   john age 30
  //   mary gender female
  //   bob gender male
  //   bob age 35

  // During 3rd run, prints:
  //   john gender male
  //   john age 30
  //   mary gender female
  //   mary build thin
  //   mary build petite
  //   bob gender male
  //   bob age 35
  //   bob build tall

  // During 4th run, prints:
  //   john gender male
  //   john age 40
  //   mary gender female
  //   mary build petite
  //   bob gender male
  //   bob age 35
  //   bob build tall
  //   sue gender female
  //   sue age 21
  //   sue build fat
  //   sue build short

    int* pQry = Xp_compile(_T("(get person instance *)"));
    while (int* pPtX=Xp_execute(pQry)){
      int* pA[256]; int* p = (int*)pA;
      int* eS = Xp_Node(pPtX, p);
      int* eSVO = Xp_S_getSVO(eS, p);
      while (int* pSVO=Xp_execute(eSVO)){
        int* pSub = N_SVO_getElem(pSVO, kSeqSub_g);
        int* pVb = N_SVO_getElem(pSVO, kSeqVb_g);
        int* pObj = N_SVO_getElem(pSVO, kSeqObj_g);
        if (pVb != pName_g){
          // Print "person attribute value"
            TCHAR sEntity[kStrSz_g+1] = _T("");
            N_Name_get(pSub, sEntity, kStrSz_g);

            TCHAR sProp[kStrSz_g+1] = _T("");
            N_Name_get(pVb, sProp, kStrSz_g);

            TCHAR sVal[kStrSz_g+1] = _T("");
            N_Name_get(pObj, sVal, kStrSz_g);

            wprintf(_T("%s %s %s\n"), sEntity, sProp, sVal);

  return 0;

CM ©2000-2007

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