Frequently Asked Questions
Application closes immediately upon opening.
Cause: Application may be attempting to open an incompatible database file.
Solution: Using File Explorer, find and rename files ending in ".dbd". This will cause application to create a new compatible database.

Where is the documentation?
Currently documentation is only available online.

Using MS IE, browse to
From the menu, select Favorites > Add to Favorites.
In the 'Add Favorite' Dialog Box, check mark 'Make available offline'.
Click the Customize Button. Click Next.
Select Yes option to make pages available offline.
Set Links deep to 3 which is the maximum.
(Note, some pages are 4 links deep)
Click Next.
Select default option, "Sync when I choose from Tools Menu."
Click Next, click Finish.

How do I view/resize the grid?
Click in the highlighted area as described here.

Windows application displays the following error message:
"The ordinal 6617 could not be located in the dynamic link library MFC42u.DLL."
Cause: The DLL is incompatible with application.
Solution: Apply latest service pack to you computer. Service packs can be downloaded from Microsoft

Db Resize command not available on Pocket PC application.
Cause: Required function SetFilePointer() not implemented in Windows CE.
Solution: Resize file using Windows application.

In the treeview, the focus seems to get stuck on one node. Clicking on a different node only highlights it while the mouse button is pressed down, but then springs back to prior node.
Cause: Bug in MSCOMCTL.OCX v6.00.8177.
Solution: Update to MSCOMCTL.OCX v6.01.8341 or newer from Microsoft.
Unregister prior version and backup C:\Windows\System\MsComCtl.*
Copy new files to system directory and register new version.

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