Ex100 - Persons in Single Hierarchy

Background: Hierarchy, GUI, NLI
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This example stores a simple hierarchy where the Universe has planets named Mars and Venus. And Mars has a person named John. And Venus has a person named Mary.

NLI Script

(; Create universe)
(new 'universe)

(; Create planets named mars & venus)
(new 'mars 'planet)
(new 'venus 'planet)

(; Create persons named john & mary)
(new 'john 'person)
(new 'mary 'person)

(; Create universe has hierarchy)
(; Note: has is part of system data)
(set  universe has mars)
(set  universe has venus)
(set  mars has john)
(set  venus has mary)

(; Get things that universe has)
(; Gets mars and venus)
(get universe has *)

(; Get persons that mars has)
(; Gets john)
(and (get person instance *)
     (get mars has *))

(; Get path from universe to mary)
(; Gets (venus has mary))
(getPath universe has mary)

(; Get hierarchy universe has)
(; Gets mars, john, venus and mary)
(getHier universe has *)


Download Database:
Ex100.zip (20 KB)
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