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The grid consists of cells arranged in a table. Each populated cell represents a thing in the database. The grid displays rows related to the node selected in the tree. For example, if instance (under person) is selected in the tree, the grid displays person's instances: john and mary. The grid also displays their attributes based on the first instance. For example, in the first figure where john is the first instance of person in the tree, the grid shows attributes name, gender and age. However, in the second figure where mary is the first instance of person in the tree, the grid only shows attributes name and age because she does not have the attribute gender. To reorder things {ie john, mary} in the tree, use the up/down arrows in the Tool Bar.

As shown in the third figure, to change an attribute value {things in white cells}, click the desired cell twice with a small delay and either select an existing value or type in a new value in the grid's combo box. Setting any attribute value in the last row {*} creates a new instance of the class.

Initially the grid is minimized and located below the tree. To resize the grid and tree, either vertically or horizontally, clicking in the very slim border {highlighted in slate green in figure 1} just outside the imaginary rectangle that contains them both. On Pocket PC, this slim border is only above and right of the imaginary rectangle. The grid's content is updated only if its height is approximately 10% or greater than the height of the tree.

The grid's column widths and row heights can be resized by dragging the dividers. A column's width can be sized automatically by double-clicking it's right divider in the header.

The grid's content can be sorted by clicking a column's header. A small up/down triangle in the column header indicates the sort order. Clicking a column header consecutively toggles the sort order. Sorting the grid's content does not affect the order of things in the tree or database.

The grid's content can be exported via the File Menu.

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