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The following commands determine which relatives are loaded when a node is expanded.
All Relatives Display thing's all relatives as child nodes.
Parent as Child Display thing's tree parent as child node.
Names Display thing's name as child nodes.
Attributes Display thing's attributes as child nodes.
Ancestors Display thing's relatives that are higher in a hierarchy.
_Descendants Display thing's relatives that are lower in a hierarchy.
Class Display thing's classes as child nodes.
_Instance Display thing's instances as child nodes.
Asm Display thing's assemblies as child nodes.
_Part Display thing's parts as child nodes.
Parent Display thing's parents as child nodes.
_Child Display thing's children as child nodes.
The following commands determine what is displayed in a node's label.
Extended Name Display thing's extended name which includes attribute values and parentheses. Details...
Parenthesis Display parentheses to indicate degree of references to atomic nodes. Details...
ID Display thing's ID. Details...
Toolbar Display tool bar.
The tool bar is located below the menu bar.
Status Bar Display status bar.
The status bar is located along the bottom.

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