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Health Man

Factors that Influence Health:

With Obesity, Diabetes, Cardiovasuclar Disease, Autoimmune Diseases and Cancer becoming increasingly common, it is time to put more focus on your health. Paying attention to the basics listed below should help you recover and maintain good health. (Because each person has individual needs, consult your doctor before making significant changes)

1) Diet

Healthy Meal

Make fresh fruits, veggies and tubers (ie sweet potatoes) the foundation of your diet. Supplement with legumes and whole grains. Small amounts of oily fruits (ie olives, avocado), nuts and seeds are OK. Limit meat, poultry, fish, dairy and eggs to small portions once in a while. Reduce all but fruits, veggies and tubers if you have health issues. Eat foods that would have been part of the human diet for millions of years. These do not include colas, chips, cookies, breakfast cereals, refined grains, refined sugars, refined oils, processed meats, MSG, etc. Reduce processed, packaged, deep-fried and fast-foods.

2) Exercise, Fresh Air & Sunshine

Move those feet

For millions of years, man had to be physically active to survive. Today's lifestyle of sitting in a car, chair or sofa all day is detrimental to the body. Get out, get some fresh air, take in a few deep breaths, get some sunshine and stretch those legs, even if for short walks around the neighborhood. Exercise uses up extra calories, increases circulation and subdues inflammation.

3) Stress


A little prayer, singing, yoga or meditation can help reduce stress. The state of your mind affects your health in subtle ways.

4) Rest


Do you feel sleepy during the day? Do you find yourself yawning frequently? You might not be getting enough sleep. Insufficient rest lowers your immune response and raises your body's level of inflammation.

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