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Health: Hydrogenated and Trans-Fats Man

What are Hydrogenated and Trans-Fats?


Hydrogenation is a process to make oils and fats more stable and solid. During this process some of the fats also become trans fats.

What Are The Effects Of Funny Fats?


1. Type 2 Diabetes, Insulin Resistance
2. Obesity
3. Cardiovascular Diseases

Which Foods Tend to Have Funny Fats?


Because funny fats increase profit margins, they are found in many processed, packaged, restaurant and fast foods. Examples include:

Margarines and spreads
Vegetable shortenings
Deep-fried foods (ie fries, donuts, battered-coated chicken & fish)
Cookies, crackers, chips, candy bars

What Are Funny Fats' Alternate Names?

Peanut Butter

Manufacturers try to hide funny fats. Some alternate names for hydrogenated oils and trans fats are:

Partially-hydrogenated oil
Interesterified oil
Mono- and di-glycerides

More Detail About Funny Fats?

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