How to Change a Thing's Name

Background: Name, Labels

In the figure above, a person's name is changed from 'john' to 'johnny'.

To change a thing's name via the GUI:
1. Click the node's label twice with a small delay between clicks.
2. The node's label enters edit mode with the name highlighted and a blinking insertion bar at the end.
3. Change the name.
4. To end edit mode, press enter or click outside the node but within the tree control.

Another method to change a thing's name via the GUI:
1. Enable the tree to show nodes for name by checking Names in View Menu.
2. Enable the tree to display parentheses in node's label via the View Menu.
3. Reload the thing, for example (john) and its children.
4. Select thing's name, for example john under (john)/-(name)-.
5. Use the combo box's drop-down list to select an existing name or type in a new name.

To change a thing's name via the NLI:
1. Type "(change (get john name 'john) 'johnny)" in the input box.
2. Click Submit Button.

Do not rename system data. Database could become unbootable.
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