How to Create a Sequence

Background: Thing/Node/Sequence/Element
Related: How to Create a Thing, How to Delete a Sequence

Before a sequence can be created, each of the sequence elements {ie john, like, mary} must already exist. If necessary, first create them. There are several methods of creating a sequence {ie john like mary}.

Method 1 via GUI:
In this method, user first builds sequence in buffer and then submits it. This method is easy but not as flexible as the second method:
1. Navigate to desired subject {ie john} and select it.
    Click "Add Sequence Element" in Edit or Context Menu.
    Its name appears within square brackets in the input box.
2. Navigate to desired verb {ie like} and select it.
    Click "Add Sequence Element".
    Its name appears in the input box.
3. Navigate to desired object {ie mary} and select it.
    Click "Add Sequence Element"
    Its name appears in the input box.
4. Click the Submit Button located between the input and combo box.
    New tree nodes appear that represent the sequence. See Figure 2.
Note: to clear a sequence prior to submitting it, use option in Edit or Context Menu.

Method 2 via GUI:
This method is not as easy the first, but is more flexible. While this method requires user to build a sequence in increments rather than as a whole, it allows user to build upon existing sequences:
1. Navigate to the thing that is to be sequence's second element {ie like} and select it.
2. Click "Relate at Next Element of New Sequence" {}.
3. Navigate to sequence's first element {ie john} and select it.
4. Click Paste {}.
5. Navigate to the thing that is to be sequence's third element {ie mary} and select it.
6. Click "Relate at Next Element of Existing Sequence" {}.
7. Navigate to sequence's second element {ie john/-like-} and select it.
8. Click Paste {}.
Note: this method allows user to create the sequence "john like bob" just by selecting and pasting bob to the existing sequence john/-like-.

Method via NLI:
To create a sequence via the NLI:
1. Type "(set john like mary)" in the input box.
2. Click Submit Button.

To select the sequence itself rather than the sequence's element represented by a node, keep the Shift Key depressed when setting sequence element. See Example 330.
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