How to Manage a Database

The following database management commands are available via the Tools Menu:

Db Info...
Displays the following information about the database:
1. File specification.
2. Database size (in integers).
3. Contiguous memory available (in integers).
Note: If contiguous memory available drops below 20% of database size, the following messages appears in a dialog box when application loads: "Please defrag and/or increase db size".
4. Database version.
Note: Database version is different than the application version.

Defragment Db...
This command defragments the database. After general use, the database becomes fragmented. This does not affect the total size of the database but reduces the amount of memory available for new things. Backing up database prior to defragmentation is highly recommended. Interrupting the defragmentation process will most likely corrupt the db. The initial dialog box displays the contiguous memory available and database size. After clicking OK, database is defragmented and a second dialog box displays the amount of contiguous memory recovered.

Resize Db...
Resizes the database to specified size (in integers). Increase the database size to accomodate more data or reduce the database size to reduce the use of system memory. Enter 0 to fully minimize database size. The maximum size of the database is approximately 4 GB (1 Mega Integers). For optimum performance, the size should not exceed the quantity of unused physical memory available on system.
Note: "Resize Db" command is not available on Pocket PCs. Transfer db to desktop PC and use DBD for Windows to resize it.
Verify Db...
Verifies database integrity by checking for various errors. If error is found, an error code is displayed.

Backups databases regularly.
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