How to Delete a Sequence

Background: Thing/Node/Sequence/Element
Related: How to Create a Sequence

In DBD, initial parts of sequences are shared to conserve memory.
Thus (john like mary) and (john like sue) share (john like).
To delete the sequence (john like mary), select john\-like-\mary when deleting.
To delete the sequence (john like sue), select john\-like-\sue when deleting.
To delete both (john like mary) and (john like sue), select john\-like- when deleting.
If the sequence (john hate bob) also existed, one can not delete all three sequences by selecting john.
This will delete a preceeding sequence where john is the last element {ie (person instance john)}.

To delete sequences starting from selected element via the tree:
1. Select it {ie john/-like-/mary}.
2. Delete Sequence {}.
Click OK in the confirmation dialog box.

Alternatively, to delete a sequence via the NLI:
1. Type "(delete (get john like mary))" in the input box.
2. Click Submit Button.

In general, do not delete sequences related to system data. Database may become unbootable.
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